White Water Rafting - Natural Rapids

  • White Water Rafting - Natural Rapids Giftware
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enjoy the thrill of natural white water rapids in the breathtaking setting of the beautiful scottish highlands.thunderous noise, churning water and rapids all around you - this is the unbelievable thrill of white water rafting! only the strength and determination of you and your team will get you through the rapids. on arrival you will be kitted out with safety equipment. you will then be given a thorough safety briefing and will be professionally looked after by one of the qualified guides before getting onto the river. the water grade varies depending on the time of year. after your runs you will return to the centre to change into warm dry clothes. you may be required to help carry the raft and equipment during your experience. please be aware that this activity can be cancelled at short notice due to water levels and this should be kept in mind when booking any overnight accommodation.

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