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single seaters are the closest you will ever get to driving a genuine f1 car. as you sit in the small cockpit you look out towards the start line, you start to build the revs, and when the flag is dropped you drop the clutch and launch down the straight. in a matter of seconds you're taking the corners and barrelling along! the programme typically involves a welcome on arrival, followed by a briefing. then it’s time to take to the wheel for laps in a performance saloon, where your instructor will demonstrate circuit driving techniques such as taking the correct line on a corner. next you take the wheel yourself to practice what you have been taught. then the real action begins: you take a single seater racing car such as a formula first, formula renault or formula ford around the racing circuit. with potential acceleration of 0-60 in less than 6 seconds, these cars are perfectly placed to introduce you to the exhilaration and excitement of racing.the person driving the car will be required to sign a disclaimer accepting liability in the event of damage to the vehicle. the driver will be given an option to purchase damage waiver cover when booking to minimise their financial exposure should there be an accident. drivers are under no obligation to purchase this optional waiver. full details are available at the time of booking.

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