Lovers Leap - a bungee jump for two with bubbly

  • Lovers Leap - a bungee jump for two with bubbly Giftware
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leap towards the earth with the world's maddest sport. you will be amazed by the sensation of falling and the extraordinary feeling of being pulled upwards by the elasticated rope. this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. with your feet still firmly on the ground, you will be weighed and be brought up to speed on safety procedures. you will then be fitted with your harnesses before being winched up in the cage with a jump master. once he's convinced everything is okay, it will be "3-2-1 bungee" and off you go! after your jump you will receive half a bottle of bubbly to share.please note that all booking times are approximate. the club operates a ticket system: you will be given a numbered ticket when you register which you will be asked to present prior to your jump. whilst you are waiting there is plenty to watch! there may be an upgrade fee for the london location, please check on booking.

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