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driving a hovercraft is like nothing else, the closest description would be driving a car with four flat tyres on ice! you'll be turning the wheel and the hovercraft doesn't seem to start turning until a couple of seconds later! so planning and positioning your hovercraft is vital if you're to make it around the course. do you have the balance, judgement and forward thinking to handle one like a pro? your day will begin with a detailed safety briefing where you will be shown the controls of the remarkable craft, you will also experience a brief drive over water so you know what to expect when it comes to the real driving. you will spend some time learning to control the craft, tuition will be given until you feel comfortable and safe. you will then get the chance, under the supervision of an instructor, to get behind the 'wheel' ready for your ride ahead. then it’s time for the real action to start! you will take part in a thrilling relay race with others to prepare for your hot lap! you will be timed to see how long it takes for you to complete your lap both over land and water. your time will be revealed at the end where you will have a countdown to see who the victor is.your day will end with prizes for each participant. you will receive a certificate and the fastest lap winner will receive a prize. (the prizes will vary from a gift voucher to visit again for free, a medal or a fastest pilot mug with hovercraft adventures logo on).a wonderful and unusual day out- something you’ll never forget.

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