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you're barrelling along a track. "medium left!" yells your instructor. you turn the wheel, heave the handbrake and in an instant you're powersliding, cornering faster than you've ever done before. rally driving is completely different from any other form of driving, and this rallying gift experience is the perfect way to find out just how different. imagine a sport where you are almost permanently skidding and turning at least 50 yards before each corner. there's no doubt that a rally driving activity means fast and furious excitement and rallying is the perfect gift for anyone with a need for speed. you'll start your day with an introductory briefing from your rallying instructor and then it's time to get behind the wheel for some practice sessions. you'll learn classic rallying techniques such as hand brake turns and controlled opposite lock slides. many of the courses have loose surface rally stages - which means much more sliding, and much more fun! what's more, we use a wide selection of rally schools with the latest equipment (such as headphones in your helmet, so you can clearly hear what's going on).the person driving the car will be required to sign a disclaimer accepting liability in the event of damage to the vehicle. the driver will be given an option to purchase damage waiver cover when booking to minimise their financial exposure should there be an accident. drivers are under no obligation to purchase this optional waiver. full details are available at the time of booking.

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