40 to 45 Minute Microlight Flight

  • 40 to 45 Minute Microlight Flight Giftware
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microlighting perfectly captures the spirit of early aviation - pioneering, thrilling and a touch eccentric. these quirky little aircraft, with their panoramic views from the cockpit, are ideal for short trips over the countryside. a great way to fly on a fine summer's day! our instructors will give you a thorough briefing and then take you on a trial flying lesson. we are sure you will end up as enthusiastic as they are! you will be given a detailed briefing from your instructor, which includes how to use dual controls, how to enter the aircraft and pre-take off checks. you then take to the sky, climbing to up to 1500 feet above ground level. the instructor will demonstrate the controls and then, if the instructor is happy, the controls will be passed to you.

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