25 Mile Helicopter Flight

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nothing comes close to the magic of vertical flight; from the moment you lift off into the air to the second the helicopter settles gracefully back on the ground it is a truly exciting and unforgettable experience. enjoy this thrilling 25 mile helicopter ride and admire the views as you climb to heights of over 1000ft and accelerate to speeds of over 120mph as you dip and dive over the stunning landscape below. on arrival you will be welcomed and briefed by a specialist team and given the opportunity to see and hear a modern helicopter at close quarters. you will get the chance to have your photo taken with the helicopter before boarding to begin your flight. then it’s up, up and away as you accelerate vertically into the skies. you will climb to over 1,000 feet and accelerate to speeds over 120 miles an hour, interacting with the pilot via the headset (don't forget to listen out for air traffic on the radio!). don’t forget your camera - with an experience this exhilarating you will want to relive it as often as possible!

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